Klein Technique™ is a process of discovery and rediscovery. It is ongoing and continual. It requires constant blending of theoretical information and experiential practice. It requires time. Like nature it is ordered and infinite in its discovery. ©1998 Susan T. Klein

Klein Technique is a process through which the body is analyzed and understood to improve and to further movement potential. It is intellectual in that it uses anatomical realities. It is corporeal in that we strive for an internal knowing, an understanding which is integrated into the body. It is a movement education and re-education, that can be an underpinning for all movement styles, improvisations, athletics, and for the general health of the body in everyday movement. It is a technique that honors the individual. Klein Technique works at the level of the bones, to align the bones using the muscles of deep postural support: the psoas, the hamstrings, the external rotators, and the pelvic floor. ©1998 Susan T. Klein


Mira Mutka is teaching Klein Technique™ since 2007 and is a faculty member of The Klein School of Movement and Dance in New York. Mira attends classes and workshops internationally with Susan Klein since 2002. She was introduced to the work through Karin Munters Jameson in Stockholm 2001 and studied with Barbara Mahler 2002-2007.