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Mira Mutka

The society of today is increasingly fragmented in the ways of living and working. As a freelancing artist Mira finds themself confused in, at and of the borders between life, work and art. They are always working. They are never working. The recent years the practices Mira initiate have shifted into more open, volatile and vulnerable beings, allowing for and inviting different definitions of the practices to co-exist. This shift emerged initially from states of loss and a necessity for potential integration of artistic and everyday life.

Mira works with choreography, dance, teaching and production, often by initiating, performing and through conversations. Interests that follow along the years are for instance walking, slowness and black holes. Recent and current working environments include TOGETHER ALONE, Malin Hellkvist Sellén, Scenkonst Sörmland, Cullberg, ccap, DOCH, Nefeli Ikonomou, and Frédéric Gies. A long-term collaboration with Jannine Rivel is ongoing since the beginning of 2000, as well as being a long-term practitioner of Klein Technique™. Mira received a MFA in Choreography from New Performative Practices, DOCH/Uniarts in 2015, where Slowathon, Slothing and Gait occurred in collaboration with Stina Nyström, Oda Brekke, Maia Means and Max Wallmeier.