Slowathon, Gait, Slothing

Slowathon and Gait developed with Stina Nyström, Slothing with Maia Means, Oda Brekke, Max Wallmeier. Also, Pavle Heidler and Moa Franzén have written in relation to GAIT. Public sharings and presentations of GAIT include the invitation to participate by seeing and/ or moving, walking with. GAIT benefits from working in long-term and slow-term collaborative situations within interested and engaged contexts of sharing and learning. 2013 to 2015 Mira studied New Performative Practices, MFA in Choreography at DOCH/Uniarts in Stockholm, during which Slowathon, Slothing and Gait appeared.

  • Slowathonslowly walking in a vertical relation to gravity through parts of the Fibonacci Sequence
  • Gaitwalking slowly through parts of earth, metal, wood of Wu Xing and some of the Lucas Numbers
  • Slothingmoving slowly in each moment on the level of the  floor in a horizontal relation to gravity